For The Best Scuba Diving in Greece


At Blue Island Divers we are able to make night dives that are truly amazing as the sea bed has come to life!! After dark you may find Octopus, Cuttlefish, Squid and Moray Eels all swimming freely and if you shine your torch around, you are sure to lighten up some creatures night habits. Don’t forget to look in the […]


This dive site, on the south of Antiparos, is only visited by our Dive Centre, so we are guaranteed to have the complete reef to ourselves.  It is a haven for Octopus and Morays and swimming over a couple of big canyons you  may also be able to find Lobsters hiding. The dive culminates at a big bed of […]


This small Island has the added attraction of the church of St Nicholas, The Patron Saint of Antiparos, built upon it.  The dive itself starts over a nice sheltered lagoon where we drop into very shallow water and are able to get our buoyancy and kit together before descending down to a maximum depth of 16 metres. This […]


This dive, which is along part of the the island’s coastline, gradually slopes down to 35m. Along the wall big rocks give shelter to all kinds of Mediterranean fish; Groupers, Moray Eels, Scorpion fish and big shells are to be seen on this site. The wall at 18 metres depth is covered with coral, sponges […]


The 70m long shipwreck which sank in the year 1884, sits upright at a depth of 30 metres. As you descend into the blue, you see the shadow of the boat with a big pipe lying along its centre. Great visibility gives you the opportunity to explore the wreck more closely and discover it’s secrets.


  This dive starts on a plateau which is at a depth of 5 metres. Following a steep drop-off we find a narrow canyon through which we swim along and come out into a field of Posidonia. At the beginning of the dive we see small sandy bottomed overhangs covered with corals and sponges and a few metres later a […]


The Three Valleys is somewhat connected with “The Canyons ” although it is actually a different site. This site has plenty of marine life and a hill that slopes down to a large area covered with Posidonia and rocks.


  On descending we begin swimming through the canyons which are the main attraction of the site. These canyons are the home to many critters that like to hide here. These include Lobsters, Octopuses, Morays and Cray fish, so be sure to look in the many crevices and holes along the way. Out in the […]


Barracuda point is a reef that rises from the depths up to 12 metres. At 20 metres there are large rocks, walls and a small canyon. Around it we may see thousands of small fish and very often Barracudas, Groupers and Stingrays.


After the descent, we swim to the reef’s edge at 5 metres, enjoy the view and then go down to 18 metres and swim along the wall. Thousands of small fish swim around us while we stay on the look out for Tuna and Stingrays. At 25-30 metres (advanced divers) we can see Groupers and lots of colourful Anthias.