Mick Jaggers Lips

This dive site, on the south of Antiparos, is only visited by our Dive Centre, so we are guaranteed to have the complete reef to ourselves.  It is a haven for Octopus and Morays and swimming over a couple of big canyons you  may also be able to find Lobsters hiding. The dive culminates at a big bed of …

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St. Spiridhon

Built on the top of a rock, the church dedicated to St Spiridhon commands amazing views of the North of Antiparos and across to Parikia, Paros. There is always time to climb up there during our surface interval as we usually try to make this our first dive of the trip.Mooring up in a sheltered bay …

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Paderonisi Cavern

Situated a short 15 minutes away from the Dive Centre, this cavern is the only one around this area where you can surface inside and remove your regulator and mask. Depending on your level of experience, we enter through one of three ways: a tunnel, a hole or the main opening. The inside is illuminated …

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Tourna Island

This small Island has the added attraction of the church of St Nicholas, The Patron Saint of Antiparos, built upon it.  The dive itself starts over a nice sheltered lagoon where we drop into very shallow water and are able to get our buoyancy and kit together before descending down to a maximum depth of 16 …

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https://youtu.be/pdDbAyQOo7c Amphitrite cave has been explored down to the bottom, which is at 60 metres. When visiting this site, we obviously don’t go down so deep, but enter through one of the entrance/exits and stop at a sandy  bottom at 14 metres. From here you are able to shine a torch down into the cave …

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Bubble Reef

Situated on the South West side of Antiparos, this dive starts on a plateau which is at a depth of 5 metres. Following a steep drop-off we find a narrow canyon through which we swim along. And a few metres later a beautiful cavern with colourful walls is waiting for us to discover the hidden …

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st. georges

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Red Rock

Red Rock is a large piece of volcanic rock jutting out of the sea just a 10 minute boat ride from our Dive Centre. The formation has a reddish colour to it, hence its name. The bottom of the main base is at 12 metres, but swimming around it can take you to almost 30. With plenty of …

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Manna Wreck

The 70m long shipwreck which sank in the year 1884, sits upright at a depth of 30 metres. As you descend into the blue, you see the shadow of the boat with a big pipe lying along its centre. Great visibility gives you the opportunity to explore the wreck more closely and discover it’s secrets.