Private Excursions

The boat located at Paros and Antiparos


Just you and your family or friends on the boat


Join us for an evening of snorkeling in the sheltered bay of Saint Spiridon and then climb the steps up to the church and watch the sun slip below the horizon. A view seen by few people.

Morning yoga with Paros in the distance


Join us on one of the small Islands as the sun rises over the hills of Paros. You can either meditate, perform yoga or just sit and take pictures.




Enjoy a private snorkeling trip to two different Islands that are only accessible by boat. All equipment is provided, thus enabling you to interact with the local sea life. Your Instructor will accompany you in the water if required.


Picnic on a secluded beach or a small Island. We will provide drinks (alcoholic and soft) plus a selection of various Greek snacks.

Paros and Antiparos beach


However many are in your group. There would never be another trip at the same time.

We meet at the boat 30 minutes before the sun is due to come up.

We meet at the boat 1 hour before the sun is due to go down.

It will somewhere that can only be reached by boat. One of the small Islands between Paros and Antiparos. Or even a small beach nestled in a cove away from the main village.

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